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Ashes: The 2023 staging of the Ycats Dance Studio, From the Arts with Love production.

Dates: October 14 2023 @ 7pm and October 15, 2023 @ 6pm

Venue: The Little Theatre • 4 Tom Redcam Avenue • Kingston 5 • Jamaica

Admission: JMD$2,000

In the depths of our greatest trials, when life’s flames have scorched our dreams and left us feeling reduced to mere ashes, remember this: it is precisely in those moments that we have the opportunity to rise, be reborn; and be stronger than ever before.

Just like the legendary phoenix, we can emerge from the ashes of adversity, our spirits renewed and our resolve unbreakable. The fires of challenge and adversity may burn, but they also purify us, shedding away the old, the weak, and the obsolete, leaving behind only what is truly resilient and essential within us.

Setback, failure, and heartbreak do not signal the end but are crucibles for transformation. Each scar and wound we carry is a testament to our endurance; with every step forward, we rise higher and soar farther. We find our wings when we have the courage to stand up, dust ourselves off, and press on despite the odds.

In the ashes, we discover our resilience. In the ashes, we uncover our inner strength. In the ashes, we recognize the boundless potential within us. So, embrace the challenges, for they are the forge in which your character is tempered. Embrace the pain, for it is the chisel that sculpts your soul. Embrace the journey, for it is the path to your rebirth.

Remember, it is not the fall that defines us, but the rising that follows. So, let your spirit take flight from the ashes of yesterday’s fall, and in your ascent, let your story inspire others to believe that they too can rise, triumph, and shine brilliantly, just like a phoenix reborn from the ashes.

Lost in Labyrinth  
Dream State  Allegro 2
Muddy Water  Alumnae
Shallow Adagio 1
Hard Knock Life  Plie  
Honest  Allegro 1
Pretty Inside Arabesque 1
Lift Me Up Adagio 2
Mercy Tree  
Rescue  Alumnae
Bridge over Troubled Water Arabesque 2
Your Name Adagio 1
Mercy Tree Allegro 2
A Great God  
Who is He Plie
Wonderful Merciful Savior  Adagio 2
Everything  Allegro 1
How Great! Arabesque 2
No One Arabesque 1
Ocean  Full Cast
Wi a Trounce  
Beat Dem Bad Allegro 1
Catch Di Fire Adagio 1
Jesus a Di Don Adagio 2
Teeny Weeny Plie
Like Phoenix  
Just Like Fire Allegro 2
Champion  Arabesque 1
Try Everything Arabesque 2
Set Me Free Allegro 1
Soaring High  
No Scars  Allegro 2
Titanium  Adagio 1
Limitless Adagio 2
Glitter Alumnae
Joyfully Joyful  
Double-Double Allegro 1
Joyful Noise Adagio 1 & 2
That’s Enough Allegro 2 & Alumnae
Blessings Arabesque 1&2
Colours of Praise Plie
Finale (Feel It) Full Cast
Artistic Director Stacy-Lee Abrahams Myrie
Studio Administrator  Charmaine Bimmer 
Chaplin Rev. Delroy Harris
Hospitality Coordinator  Natalie Osbourne 
Parent Representatives Danielle Gooden, Donna Reid Kareen Martin, Jovelette Sherwood, Crescencia Brown Beckford & Georgina Morrison
Choreographers & Instructors Stacy-Lee Abrahams Myrie, Tanya Stewart, Racquel Robertson, Janea Wood, Terri-Ann Fletcher, DeNielle Grant & Maria Timbawala
Technical Director Berton Myrie
Creative Director Randy M.D. Fagan 
Costume  Shawn Nelson
Make-Up Kimari Shaw
Front of House  Marva Robinson 


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