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Stacy-Lee Abrahams

Artistic Director

Stacy-Lee has over 20 years of experience teaching, directing, and mentoring children using the art of dance. She is a natural dancer and choreographer who enhanced her competence through training received from the Tony Wilson School of Modern Dance, Praise Academy of Dance, and the Edna Manley School of Dance

She specializes in teaching modern and contemporary techniques but also enjoys Jazz, creative folk, and reggae choreography.

Noted accomplishments include:

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  • Over 20 years planning and directing theatre productions and workshops to include initiatives in the Bahamas, Maryland, USA, and Florida, USA
  • JCDC Festival Competition – National awards in creative folk, modern, praise and Jazz choreography
  • World Championships of the Performing Arts (WCOPA), USA – 2009 Gold and silver medal awards for modern, creative folk, jazz, and pop choreography  
  • WCOPA – 2008 Opening Ceremony guest choreographer (reggae fusion), Universal Studios, Hollywood LA 
  • WCOPA – 2008 Junior Grand Champion of the World award for pop choreography; Gold medal awards for modern, Jazz, and creative folk choreography  
  • WCOPA – 2007 Silver medal award for lyrical and open category choreography

When not dancing, Stacy-Lee enjoys Human Resource Management, costume design and interior decorating

Racquel Robertson

Instructor - Senior Level

Racquel has been involved with the performing arts since the age of six and dancing has been an integral part of her preparatory and secondary education. 

She joined the Ycats team at the senior level where she developed her technical and creative skills and has performed in over ten theatre productions.   

Racquel is a principal dancer at Ycats and teaches students at the Intermediate and senior levels. She believes in the holistic development of the dancers and pride herself on being a good mentor for the teens. 

Raquel also enjoys the creative arts and specializes in photography and social media management.

Tanya Stewart

Instructor- Intermediate Level

Tanya is a graduate of the Edna Manley School of Dance and a former member of the Cathy Levy Players and the Tivoli Dance Troupe.

She is a freelance instructor who specializes in teaching dance at the primary school level and has been engaged in the JCDC Festival Competition as a performer and choreographer for over 20 years. She has been a consistent recipient of gold medals and national awards for her entries in the competition.

At Ycats, Tanya is a principal dancer who enjoys energetic and exciting choreography and is dedicated to teaching the junior and intermediate dancers.

Tanya is passionate about the creative folk form, popular dance, and dancehall choreography, especially when she is the performer.

Debbie Brandt

Instructor- Junior Level

Debbie began her dance journey with the Ycats team in 2012 and was immediately recognized for her leadership skills and her belief in technical excellence.  

She served as Intermediate Dance Captain for two years and began teaching Pre-Junior level dancers while serving as a senior dancer.  She is currently a principal dancer and provides technical training at the Pre-junior and Junior levels.

Outside of Ycats, Debbie has represented Jamaica in dance performances at the Carifita games while dancing with Movement Dance Company, and enjoys ministry in dance at her church.  

Debbie enjoys the modern dance form; and her goal as an instructor is to inspire, encourage and train dancers to be their best selves, while sharing God’s Word through dance. 

DéNeille Grant

Instructor- Junior Level

DéNeille is a fun-loving, faithful individual who has been
involved in the Performing Arts (Dance) for over 20 years. Whilst a part of The Ardenne High Dance Troupe she received several gold medals, trophies and Marcus Garvey Awards from the JCDC Dance Festival. She holds a CSEC distinction in Theatre Arts (Dance), as well as a certification from the Edna Manley Summer Dance Camp.

She enjoys helping children and currently works with the Child Protection & Family Services Agency (CPFSA). She firmly believes that children ought to be guided by God’s Word and given the space to express themselves.

While DéNeille has achieved much, she recognizes that her will, strength and might come from God.

Maria Timbawala

Instructor- Intermediate Level

Maria commenced her dance experience at age 10, through ministry at her church, and participated in several dance initiatives during her teenage years. She joined the Ycats team at the Intermediate level and was determined to build her technical, creative and collaboration skills.

Maria is now principal dancer at Ycats where she supports the development of intermediate level dancers. She believes that even with the technical demands, dance should always be enjoyed.

Maria is passionate about her own development as a dancer and enjoys exploring the different genres of dance as a way of enriching her experience.


We are grateful for our guest instructors who, from time to time, assist us with improving our craft.

Anthony Henry – Founder and Principal dancer (Retired) of the Company Dance Theatre of Jamaica and former General Manager for the Tony Wilson School of Modern Dance. Tony has been supporting our dancers with body conditioning.

Ashley Bromfield – Member of the National Dance Theatre Company and trained in Royal Academy of Dance techniques. Ashley provides support with foundational ballet training.  

Jovaughn “Stepz” McConnell – Talented self-taught hip-hop dancer, instructor and choreographer who provides support with our hip-hop and reggae works.