Welcome to Ycats: Soul of Dance

Shop #25, Red Hills Mall • Kingston 10 • Jamaica


Welcome to Ycats, where we dance with our souls and give from our hearts.

Meet our teams


We celebrate our tots’ natural ability to move in an expressive way with our creative movement classes for children ages 3 to 6.


Our young dancers, ages 7-10, deepen their appreciation for the beautiful art as they begin to explore their imagination, musicality, and different styles of dance.


Our pre-teens and early teens, ages 11-13, enjoy diversifying their dance education and expanding their understanding of the various dance forms while working to develop technique and expression.


Our teens, ages 14-16, are introduced to a higher level of training and contemporary movements to enhance their technical ability and develop their creativity.


Our advanced seniors are exposed to a rigorous training programme which allows them to develop their individual artistic voices and create signature movements through choreography.

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