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About Us

Our Story


There is no denying the emotional power of dance and its impact on performers and audiences.  

Ycats is powered by the vision of a woman who literally danced through life and has a firm belief in the principles of hard work, commitment, excellence, creativity, and service to humanity.  After over 20 years of ministering through dance, she believes that dancing not only improves one’s quality of life; but contributes directly to personal development, self-esteem, social confidence and finding one’s purpose. 

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The campaign for excellence through dance began in 2008 when our Artistic Director, Stacy-Lee Abrahams, prepared a small group of children to represent Jamaica in the World Championship of the Performing Arts, in California, USA. Competing against contestants from over 35 countries, Stacy-Lee inspired her young and relatively inexperienced dancers to work hard and use each of their presentations to demonstrate excellence, reinforce positivity, and captivate their audience.   

After being awarded gold medals for all their entries in the competition and crowned 2008 Junior Grand Champions of the World, the campaign for excellence continued and our dance team grew exponentially. In partnership with other performing arts enthusiasts, we worked to develop our From the Arts with Love outreach project and staged several theatre productions delivering messages of excellence, hope, healing, and restoration. 

Ycats thrives on the fulfilment of a promise from the Lord that He will seed His good work with committed members, resourceful parents, and generous supporters. The group has over 60 members and operates in a Christ-centred and family environment with nurturing parents and sponsors who support our work selflessly without expected returns. 

All who come in contact with our group have the opportunity to work with disciplined dancers who are motivated by each other, passionate about their work, committed to excellence, dedicated to serving humanity, and not afraid to be great.

Our Mission


At Ycats, our hearts’ desire is to inspire discipline, self-confidence and a great love of dance; while being in a position to further God’s work by caring for humanity.

Our Values


Respect: We embrace respect for self, team, and others with whom we come in contact.

Love: We foster a nurturing environment where our members always show care, concern, and compassion for others.

Commitment:  We are dedicated to the success of our dance team and our commitment underpins the strong and mutually beneficial relationships among our members.

Excellence: We aspire to cultivate a safe space for our members to engage in a process of self-discovery through movement, explore their creativity, and grow to their true potential.

Community: We believe in the selfless giving of our time, talent, and resources, out of concerns for those who are less fortunate.